Friday, March 16, 2012

Mail Call! - my first wipes soap bits

I love mail especially when there is a parcel for me. But it does seem old fashion (especially since email is so much quicker). But I haven't been able to get cloth diapers delivered to me through email, so mail it is.

During a walk today with my daughters we swung by the post office to see what mail we had. Turns out we did have mail!

It was my mini soap bit samplers from Wee Essentials! I bought it through one of my many facebook co-op I have joined this year. I have wipe solution from pumkin booty that is always in my diaper bag. But I wanted to try soap bits for my warmer. So when this co-op came open I had to try them out. What really got my attention was all the amazing scents they offer. Which you can order several in their soap samplers. I got the mini sampler, which came with a choice of 5 different scents in a very cute and functional case. For anyone wondering I picked monkey farts, vanilla bean, sun-ripened strawberry, honeyed almond, and eucalyptus & spearmint. My favorite is vanilla bean. I haven't been able to give these a good trial run (as just got them in the mail). But what I have seen so far I like. Does anyone else use Wee Essentials or any other soap bits?

Lots of Bunny Hugs!

(disclaimer: I did this post on my own, no compensation or correspondence with Wee Essentials. Just wanted to share what my newest purchase was.)
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