Monday, July 11, 2011

Pregvit - my new best friend

It is recommended to all pregnant women to take a prenatal vitamin (most recommend to being taking them even if you are thinking you may become pregnant) because some of the most important development occurs in the first couple weeks. If you are not in the active role of "trying" for a baby you won't know you are in the 2 week waiting window (for those who actively try know this is as the point between conception and that positive result). I was one that I really really tried to remember to take my prenatal vitamin before conception (or at least folic acid) but it can be hard to remember (I even resorted to using a dosette, yes those medication holders that either the elderly or those on several medications use). 
For me the trouble really set in when I started to have extreme nausea and/or vomiting (it started a week before my positive result and has not let up yet and I am now around 14 weeks. Please see my first post on this issue here). I would try taking the prenatal vitamin in the morning and either I would get the nausea and then around an hour later have it come back up or I just felt horrible all day. Most days I would just get the pill to my tongue and would start dry heaving (sorry very graphic). I even tried switching brands (in fact I tried a total of 4 different brands) and time of day, what I ate and how much. Nothing seemed to help the situation. So most days my prenatal vitamin went to the way side and I was left with an extreme feeling of guilt. Finally at one of my midwife appointments I brought up my concern about not being able to keep down my vitamins (I felt very guilty and didn't want to admit that I was neglecting a very important part of keeping my baby healthy). She mentioned ways that we could alleviate the nausea but before I could try those remedies we had to find something that I could take between now and then. For me cost wasn't a big concern, I needed prenatal vitamins. So I mentioned to my midwife about trying an over the counter prenatal vitamins that splits the calcium and iron into two pills. This makes it easier on the stomach because you are not overloading your already sensitive stomach. I talked with the pharmacist and Pregvit came up. I had heard of it through nursing school (it was mentioned as a "new vitamin" for during pregnancy as you can get a Pregvit 5 for those with high chance of spinal problems like spina bifida) and through several chat forums I regularly visit. So I gave it a shot and wow it is quite expensive, for 30 pills it cost $36. But alas at least if it worked I wouldn't have to feel so guilty and that is worth the price. 
So I started it on July 7th and the first day was pretty good I felt icky but that was general "ickyness" it did not increase or decrease the feel but I will take that over what it was like before. So at least I can get the pill down and on average it stays down for at lest 3-4 hours before I find that I hit the inevitable "wall" where most if not all I have eaten comes back up. I have to say that I do feel lucky that I am still able to eat (yes even all this nausea hasn't completely turned me off food). I figure even if I do feel nauseated after I eat, what is the difference I am going to feel the same even if I don't eat so might as well keep something in my stomach to bring back up.
I have now been taking my new vitamins for almost 5 days now and am happy to report that I have only brought back up one pill and only missed one dose. Which is better then the average I had before taking when I was taking the over-the-counter versions. So hopefully this means I am on the road to taking my prenatal vitamins more consistently.

- Cecette
I have reviewed the vitamin supplement Pregvit on my own time without any endorsement or compensation from Duchesnay (makers of Pregvit). Everything is my own opinion and should not be taken as medical advise, what works for me may not be the case for yourself. So please talk to your midwife or Dr. before trying out this medication.                                                                                         

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Joy of Pregnancy...

My last pregnancy was almost text book (except for the major heartburn and slight anemia) right down to the labour and birth. This one not so much.. I don't have major problems (no bed rest etc) but I just don't feel that "pregnancy joy". Not because I am not happy to be pregnant. It is just very hard when every waking moment is filled with nausea or vomiting...or both. It is so bad that I am on day 5 of trying to finish this post. 
I am on the maximum dose of diclectin (when I remember to take it) and I have even resorted to a prescription multivitamin (pregvit) to help reduce the irritation on my stomach. I could go on another anti-nausea medication but I don't like the idea of being on so many medications (yah irony, seeing as I happen to be the one who hands out pills for a living) but it is mostly because I am pregnant. 
So what are my options??
I went on a hunt to see what else I can try out (I will also admit that I know very little about the "natural options" out bear with me if the small things amuse/wow me. :D)  The options I found included: acupuncture (and acupressure), physio (or chiropractic), reflexology, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. I have plans for trying out at least a few of these options and hopefully either one (or a few together) may help reduce this nausea. So with a little research I hope to have a post up about some (but hopefully most) of these options in the next month or so. It might take me some time as I have to travel to the city for most if not all remedies (which may be difficult between my work schedule). I will also disclose that I am not writing these posts as a health professional but as a pregnant lady who is at her wits ends of how to deal with her most annoying pregnancy side effect. Therefore do not take what I write as the gospel it is just what I experienced.

Lots of Bunny-Hugs