Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dr. Visit and first ultrasound

Well I have my physical and prenatal blood work on Monday (May 11th) and then off to the big city (lol...where I live we are a "city" but I got in faster for U/S for some reason in the city close to us) on Tuesday (May 12). I also will be delivering there so it's no big deal to drive an hour for a U/S when I will be doing it while in labour (I will be explaining this more in a different post). 

I am kinda looking forward to the U/S rather then the physical. I guess being able to see your in utero child is more exciting and even possibly less painful...I was informed in my last visit that I need a pap test as my last one was last summer. 

Not to mention if I don't see multiple in the U/S I will not be staying with my GP but transferring to a midwife rather then a OBGYN. My GP is fine with this, was kinda odd that she mentioned that she was going to book two separate appointments with an OBGYN to "make sure everything was still going smoothly". I didn't make anything of it but I will talk it over with my midwife to see if this is necessary. I will be having two U/S this one and at 20 weeks so maybe that will be enough. But it doesn't hurt I guess to long as they are not anti-midwife. I worked in the postpartum at that hospital as a grad nurse and have run into several Dr. and Nurses that are anti-midwife. So I just hope that they don't make excuses to want to change me over from my midwife care. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Crossing my fingers hoping everything will go good!


Monday, May 4, 2009

More Fluff Mail & AppleCheeks Contest!

Well I just got home today from a nice trip to Winnipeg....and what did I find in the mail!!!! Fluff!!! I was really excited to get home from the post office to open the box. I found the most perfect diapers inside. I now have another 2 small and 2 medium Fuzzi Bunz. Not to mention another AppleCheeks diaper! I am sooo excited for December (again) so I can try them out.

So this leads me to my second part of my post. The AppleCheeks. Now I can't say how they have worked for little guy/girl is still in utero...but this is one part of my stash that I am REALLY looking forward to. I have bought (so far) 2 envelope covers (Cherry Tomato and St. Lucia) and bamboo inserts. They are soooo soft and the leg elastics looks like it will hold up. Not to mention I have googled pictures of babies in AppleCheeks and they all look so cute in them. I have heard very positive reviews from diaper pin (very good place to go for reviews) and from my supplier ( out of Okotoks Alberta). So if you have any comments (pros or cons) please leave them here I would love to hear more from those who have used them.

So I guess the final reason I am posting is to tell you about the wonderful contest being held by Diaper Style ( They are giving everyone four ways to enter (blogging being one of for an AppleCheeks starter kit...and as you can see I am really excited and would love to win! I would also like to point out that besides this contest Diaper Style has lots of information that you should check out. Search their site and you might learn some pretty cool things!

So get out there twitter, blog, comment, and facebook your way to winning!


P.S. the link is