Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dr. Visit and first ultrasound

Well I have my physical and prenatal blood work on Monday (May 11th) and then off to the big city (lol...where I live we are a "city" but I got in faster for U/S for some reason in the city close to us) on Tuesday (May 12). I also will be delivering there so it's no big deal to drive an hour for a U/S when I will be doing it while in labour (I will be explaining this more in a different post). 

I am kinda looking forward to the U/S rather then the physical. I guess being able to see your in utero child is more exciting and even possibly less painful...I was informed in my last visit that I need a pap test as my last one was last summer. 

Not to mention if I don't see multiple in the U/S I will not be staying with my GP but transferring to a midwife rather then a OBGYN. My GP is fine with this, was kinda odd that she mentioned that she was going to book two separate appointments with an OBGYN to "make sure everything was still going smoothly". I didn't make anything of it but I will talk it over with my midwife to see if this is necessary. I will be having two U/S this one and at 20 weeks so maybe that will be enough. But it doesn't hurt I guess to long as they are not anti-midwife. I worked in the postpartum at that hospital as a grad nurse and have run into several Dr. and Nurses that are anti-midwife. So I just hope that they don't make excuses to want to change me over from my midwife care. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Crossing my fingers hoping everything will go good!


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