Saturday, October 24, 2009

way too long since my last post...

Well, it has been quite awhile since my last post...

I guess I can blame that on work and trying to get my research done for CDing. There is soooo much information out there to weed's amazing!

Well I have settled on a couple things so far. I have decided I will give fitted and wool covers a try. I have purchased from a couple WAHMS and online stores. So far I have Royal Bunz pull-up soakers (one small and one medium), Luxe Baby longies (SM), Baby Luxe pull-up soaker (SM), and a Kiwi Pie Peels pull on soaker (medium).

As for the fitted diapers I am most excited to try out the OS Bamboo by Kiwi Pie.

So now an update...

I have had another Ultrasound and everything looks good! I have been seeing my Dr and Midwife...started as every 4 weeks, now at every 2 weeks...then mid November it will be every week.

Other than that just have been trying to take it easy at work....though I am concerned about the H1N1 spread (as I am an may be in close quarters with people infected with it). Hopefully I will be on holidays before the real wave hits.


p.s. I will try to compile a list of all the current diapers I have that way I can do a review on each one when the baby comes.

Here are pictures of the covers
I plan on posting these pictures by the change table with a note
"Dear Dad,
If my diaper cover looks like this please do not put in wet will shrink in the wash cause it is wool.
that way my husband knows what is wool...cause he will not remember.

Royal Bunz small pull-up wool cover

Royal Bunz medium pull-up wool cover

Luxe Baby SM wool Longie Cover

Luxe Baby SM wool pull-up cover

Kiwi Pie Peels medium pull on cover

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  1. These are gorgeous! Daddy's don't get wool. My DH washed a Sbish soaker but it survived, that is the wonderful thing about interlock woolies.

    Good luck on your research, and the rest of your pregnancy.

    Kim Rosas
    Queen of the Cloth