Thursday, November 12, 2009 ashamed

Well....I did it...I became one of "those" people...I broke down and purchased my first Goodmama diaper.

Not saying that they don't look like amazing diapers...or that they won't be awesome. (well I don't know about function yet cause my model has yet to make his or her appereance)

It is all because I told myself I would't give in...that it was all why would I want to try them. Well that is when i fell in love with two of their one diapers (The Western One and The Spotted One). Then my favorite fabric from the Fabric Shoppe was made into a diaper (Grass Menagerie)...then it went downhill from there.

I had to make the shipping worth it right?? Well that is what I told I ended up getting OBV Good.Night!; Yellow Good.Night!; Chocolate serged; Butterscotch serged; and Spring Green serged. (I will point out that I saved money because I got three serged diapers at the same time...which also makes me feel better)

But that is it! I can not get anymore Goodmama Diapers...well not until my baby is born...cause maybe they won't be the best fit. So back to ignoring their too tempting website...well unless I happen to be by the computer and bored. I do still follow them on live.journal....which may not be a good thing. So tempting.... ashamed.

p.s. Did I mention that I am on their custom diaper list...I send in the fabric and then they make me some fitted diapers out of it with input from me (colour of inner fabric, snaps etc.). However, I am waaayyyy down on the list so I suspect that I won't have my custom diapers till next December. Which is good...cause I should know whether the diaper style works for us by then.

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  1. This post is so funny! It's nice to know I'm not the only one! I was looking at those diapers for about 15mins today contemplating why I truly felt I just had to have one! Once again I talked myself out of it...I have a feeling though that one of these days I may just break down and order away!