Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bunny Tails - my first adventure into sewing

So I decided to try my hand at sewing stuffed animals, the only issue is my sewing skills are quite basic. I can do a straight line, so was confident in making cloth wipes but making stuffed animals is a lot more involved. That is when I came across Dolls And Daydreams, an online store that providers patterns. I decided to start with the bunny pattern (most fitting I thought seeing as my business is called Cottontail Kisses). So here is a few pictures from my first attempt.

And the final product!

The pattern was very easy to follow and the directions were amazing! Coming from a beginner I highly recommend using the Dolls and Daydreams patterns. The only issues I had was on my end, I used old flannel (it frayed) so with my final product I had to do some patching at the seams. Also after he was all sewn together I realized his feet would have looked better facing the other way, oh well a lesson learned for next time.

Lots of Bunny-Hugs!
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(side note: I am in no way connected to dolls and daydreams, no compensation or correspondence took place before writing this post. Also please do not judge the pattern solely on my end product, remember I am a beginner and this was my first project.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Freezer Special - minced garlic

So I came into quite a bit of garlic a few weeks ago after I did a cooking special with a few of my friends (LOVE the book The Big Cook). My friend had a bucket (literally a bucket) of minced garlic that we used instead of mincing each clove. Which with the amount we needed (104 cloves) would have taken forever. 

My friend offered for me to take some, so here I am with a ziploc bag full of garlic. Now I love to use it in my cooking but there is no way I can use this garlic up in time, and I am sure my hubby would start to wonder why our fridge smells so "weird". Not to mention that it was starting to make my other foods smell and have the slight taste of garlic. I like garlic but would like that smell and taste limited to only certain foods.

So I decided to try to freeze the garlic, but the problem with freeze a liquid (or in my case minced garlic) once it is frozen in a large quantities it is hard to break/thaw just what you need.

So here is my trick...ice cup trays!

I learned online that about 1-2 tsp of minced garlic equals 1 clove so that is what I put into each cube. 

It took about 2hrs for the garlic to harden enough so that I could pop them out like an ice cube. I then placed them in a ziploc bag and back in the freezer. 

So there you have it, and easy way to store already minced garlic!

Lots of Bunny-Hugs