Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So much to do...and I just don't want to start

Hi All!
Sorry for the lack of my own posts :D was away at the inlaws for the Victoria Day/May Long Weekend. But I have lots of things to do before this weekend but I just don't know if I am gonna get it all done. Especially since I don't even want to start. *sigh*
This is my to do list:
- make a baptismal cake - maybe one like this but by just making a regular cake not with soda (I rented a book shaped pan from Nutter's so hopefully it works out)
- make cake pops
- blog about Dirty Diaper Laundry/Granola Babies Rumparooz giveaway
- clean the house (really don't want to do that...but it is really gonna need it after I bake :D)
- the always popular washing of the diapers (got to have my favorites for the weekends :D)
- finish my friends slideshow for her wedding reception (that one I know I won't get done this weekend but I want to have most of it completed)
- upload/organize pictures
- attend #kangacare twitter party (this Thursday at 9pm EST)

hmmm not too long of list but I am sure I am missing other things I am suppose to be getting done...oh like get that chip fixed in my windshield and call some people back. It seems that people love to phone when I am trying to either feed or put my little Roo down for a nap. Needless to say I keep forgetting to phone them back. Well off to complete my cake and other baptismal things. That's if I can drag myself away from the computer...the diaper pin is too addictive :D


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Most Girly Giveaway Ever!

I have a little girl and I can not wait till she wants to play dress-up and wear a Tutu! :D (well I hope she will want to...lol) I have also been dreaming of the day that I have a little girl tottling behind me with little pigtails, dressed in pink, calling me "mommy"....sigh! I know there are plenty of "other" things that are special about a little girl (and plenty of things that are special with little boys too not to leave them out); those are just some of the things that came to mind when I heard about this wonderful giveaway!

Mama Dweeb's little princess is turning three on June 5th. Wow, I bet Mama Dweeb (or Annie) would say that the time has
past by fast :D. Please visit Annie's post here for what she has to say about her little one turning the big 3!

Here are two of my favorite Girly items that are included in the giveaway (in no particular order :D):

Everything Princess - $50.00 gift certificate
Such a cute website I LOVE the Princess Castle Cake or really anything in the Princess Birthday Baking :D. I love baking and I loved the fact that my mom was able to make wonderful cakes for my birthday and I want to do the same for my little bunny.

Itty Bitty Lydi - gift certificate for Tutu or headbands/head clips
wow...wow...WOW!!! That (and a gitty laugh) was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw this site. So many cute girly things to choose from!!!! After pondering over everything that they have; I have to say that I would go for the Boutique Birthday Tutu. I chose this one because I would love my little girl to wear a Tutu for her first birthday. I just have to convince my husband that a Tutu would be a good idea. :D

So there are just two of the many wonderful prizes. It was really hard to only pick two to talk about. But I told myself that I would not review more or it would take away from Mama Dweeb's post. So are you tempted??? Well for the entire list and to sign up for Mama Dweeb's blog (so you don't miss any of the updates - which is very important) please go here

Thank you to Annie for putting on this wonderful giveaway and I wish your little princess a (early) happy birthday!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Pic of Goodmama woven fitted diaper!

Just wanted to post a pic of my baby in her Goodmama woven fitted diaper!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Motivated With New Ideas

I normally talk about cloth diapers (and a little about my daughter...or maybe that should be a lot). But I have found myself a little less then motivated when it comes to making meals. This in turn has made for a few weeks of unhealthy eating which does nothing to add energy and again de-motivated me.

So I decided that I will try one new dish (that I have never ever cooked before) each week. Maybe if I tried new things I can get back into the groove of cooking again. As I will need more motivation when it comes time for our little bunny to start eating (we are going to attempt baby-led weaning...which I was shocked to hear our public health nurses are looking into and maybe starting to promote...but that is another story for a different time). Which unless she shows real interest I plan on holding off till at least she is 6-8 months.

This week I actually did two new dishes!
The first was from the most amazing food blog called Mennonite Girls Can Cook. It is called Spaetzle and both my husband and I really enjoyed it. In fact I actually really enjoyed making the dish it was new and exciting! Spaetzle tasted some what like a pasta and I would definitely make it again. The only thing was that I didn't have that handy Spaetzle maker so used a flat grater and a spatula. This worked out quite well but I think I need to use a grater next time that has smaller openings...my Spaetzle was a little thicker then what they have in the picture. But it still tasted great!!
The second was Tapioca pudding...which yes I have never ever in my life made. This one was harder to do mostly due to the fact that I thought of something to make and then had to find the recipe. I settled on this recipe due to the fact that it has no sugar (as my husband has diabetes...so only the carbs from Tapioca has to be counted). I thought the recipe was ok but it took a lot of time standing at the stove stirring as I didn't want to burn it on my first attempt. My husband said it tasted good but I think next time I would use bigger tapioca balls.
So those were my two attempts at a new dish...if anyone has dishes they think I would like to try please send them along!


Sorry no pictures this time...I will have to remember that for next week.