Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Most Girly Giveaway Ever!

I have a little girl and I can not wait till she wants to play dress-up and wear a Tutu! :D (well I hope she will want I have also been dreaming of the day that I have a little girl tottling behind me with little pigtails, dressed in pink, calling me "mommy"....sigh! I know there are plenty of "other" things that are special about a little girl (and plenty of things that are special with little boys too not to leave them out); those are just some of the things that came to mind when I heard about this wonderful giveaway!

Mama Dweeb's little princess is turning three on June 5th. Wow, I bet Mama Dweeb (or Annie) would say that the time has
past by fast :D. Please visit Annie's post here for what she has to say about her little one turning the big 3!

Here are two of my favorite Girly items that are included in the giveaway (in no particular order :D):

Everything Princess - $50.00 gift certificate
Such a cute website I LOVE the Princess Castle Cake or really anything in the Princess Birthday Baking :D. I love baking and I loved the fact that my mom was able to make wonderful cakes for my birthday and I want to do the same for my little bunny.

Itty Bitty Lydi - gift certificate for Tutu or headbands/head clips!!! That (and a gitty laugh) was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw this site. So many cute girly things to choose from!!!! After pondering over everything that they have; I have to say that I would go for the Boutique Birthday Tutu. I chose this one because I would love my little girl to wear a Tutu for her first birthday. I just have to convince my husband that a Tutu would be a good idea. :D

So there are just two of the many wonderful prizes. It was really hard to only pick two to talk about. But I told myself that I would not review more or it would take away from Mama Dweeb's post. So are you tempted??? Well for the entire list and to sign up for Mama Dweeb's blog (so you don't miss any of the updates - which is very important) please go here

Thank you to Annie for putting on this wonderful giveaway and I wish your little princess a (early) happy birthday!!!


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