Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So much to do...and I just don't want to start

Hi All!
Sorry for the lack of my own posts :D was away at the inlaws for the Victoria Day/May Long Weekend. But I have lots of things to do before this weekend but I just don't know if I am gonna get it all done. Especially since I don't even want to start. *sigh*
This is my to do list:
- make a baptismal cake - maybe one like this but by just making a regular cake not with soda (I rented a book shaped pan from Nutter's so hopefully it works out)
- make cake pops
- blog about Dirty Diaper Laundry/Granola Babies Rumparooz giveaway
- clean the house (really don't want to do that...but it is really gonna need it after I bake :D)
- the always popular washing of the diapers (got to have my favorites for the weekends :D)
- finish my friends slideshow for her wedding reception (that one I know I won't get done this weekend but I want to have most of it completed)
- upload/organize pictures
- attend #kangacare twitter party (this Thursday at 9pm EST)

hmmm not too long of list but I am sure I am missing other things I am suppose to be getting done...oh like get that chip fixed in my windshield and call some people back. It seems that people love to phone when I am trying to either feed or put my little Roo down for a nap. Needless to say I keep forgetting to phone them back. Well off to complete my cake and other baptismal things. That's if I can drag myself away from the computer...the diaper pin is too addictive :D


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