Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bunny Tails - my first adventure into sewing

So I decided to try my hand at sewing stuffed animals, the only issue is my sewing skills are quite basic. I can do a straight line, so was confident in making cloth wipes but making stuffed animals is a lot more involved. That is when I came across Dolls And Daydreams, an online store that providers patterns. I decided to start with the bunny pattern (most fitting I thought seeing as my business is called Cottontail Kisses). So here is a few pictures from my first attempt.

And the final product!

The pattern was very easy to follow and the directions were amazing! Coming from a beginner I highly recommend using the Dolls and Daydreams patterns. The only issues I had was on my end, I used old flannel (it frayed) so with my final product I had to do some patching at the seams. Also after he was all sewn together I realized his feet would have looked better facing the other way, oh well a lesson learned for next time.

Lots of Bunny-Hugs!
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(side note: I am in no way connected to dolls and daydreams, no compensation or correspondence took place before writing this post. Also please do not judge the pattern solely on my end product, remember I am a beginner and this was my first project.)

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