Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What would you do??!!

This past weekend my daughter and I had a girl's weekend at a spa located about 3 hours from our home. We had a wonderful time with my mother in law, her mom, her sister, and my sister in law. The water (which is a mineral spa) was wonderful and I even experienced my first ever "real" sauna (and no I did not take my daughter in the sauna...she stayed out with her grandma). It was interesting and it almost took my breath away...very hard to breath in there at first. I must be a wimp cause all I could stand was at the most 5 minutes.
I also think that I have a little fish for a daughter cause she LOVES the water! She even giggles with excitement after being dunked underwater. So in all it was a very good weekend.

The issue was just before going home. It was just me and Hannah together at this point and I really really need to use the bathroom. Seeing as I was already at a gas station to fuel up I could use theirs how convenient! Well I was wrong....warning the following is about an experience with a small child in a very inconvenient public bathroom.
First of all it was 30 degrees Celsius out so even if I was a mother who would leave their child in the car while I went inside (which I am not) I would/could not that day. So into the store my baby went with me. I located the bathroom (only one for both male and female). To my shock when I got inside there was no change table (I should have realized that there wouldn't be one it seemed quite small from the outside). Inside there was one toilet, one pedestal sink (meaning that the edge was maybe 2 inches wide), a garbage can built into the wall, a paper dispenser built into the wall, and a very very dirty floor. Oh and did I mention that I really needed to pee??
This was the first time I experienced this dilemma. Usually I am with someone who can hold my daughter while I am in the bathroom or there is some sort of change table area. OH WHAT TO DO!???
So there I was trying to hold my baby (as far away from the toilet as possible..cause the floor was too dirty for way I would put her on that. Plus she is at that stage where everything goes into her mouth) and pee at the same time! It was quite difficult...but I managed. Then I propped her on the side of the sink (she can sit a little which is nice) leaning against me while I washed my hands (I was prepared before hand and I wiped down the sink the ledge before hand so not to get anything on her bum). It was quite successful with what I had to work with...but I still wish the place had something that I could have put her on.

So what would you have done???

Lots of Bunny Hugs!


  1. Heck, this is an almost daily occurrence at my house. Of course, I have the advantage of being able to sit on my own toilet seat. When he gets in that mood where he will not be put down, I've got to hold him while I pee. The best is when he crawls in the bathroom and insists on being picked up when my husband or I are spending a little longer on the throne, if you know what I mean!

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  3. I have been in this situation...and they sit on my lap. Isn't that wonderful?! Hey, I just followed you - can you please do the same for me? Thanks!
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  4. I've been in similar situations, and had to do the same thing. It truly is a balancing act and not a fun one! I remember wiping my oldest son's hands down with baby wipes and using just a tiny bit of hand sanitizer after, ugh.

    I'm following you from Bloggy Moms. I love the humor and wit found in this post and I can't wait to read more. =)


  5. Kudos to you for getting through that! That has happened to me before and it takes a bit of skill to pull it off! I think I would have done as you did or set her on my lap.
    I've also found myself having to change a diaper in that situation! But it was always back to the car to do that cause those bathroom floors are sooo gross, even if they look clean!
    I think all public restrooms (that have room) should have a changing table! It is so flipping annoying when they don't. And they should have them in the men's room too! Cause my hubs changes diapers and he hates it when there isn't one in there but there's one in the women's room (well he doesn't hate it that much, cause that means I have to change the kids! LOL!)

    Also, I found your blog @ Mommy Blogs and I really like it! If you'd like, stop on over to my blog some time and tell me what you think!


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