Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fluffy Envy Giveaway!

I have been keeping my eye on the Fluffy Envy blog...a new to the blog world (started in July 2010). There is even a wonderful article on mama cloth! I have not been able to test out their store yet...but I hope to in the near future (my fluff money has run out for a bit...). I have heard great things about their costumer service.

Fluffy Envy's August promotion is out and when they hit 1,750 fans on their facebook page they are going to giveaway two prizes!
First prize is an AppleCheeks Little Bundle - in your choice of size and colour
Second prize is a Weehuggers cover - in your choice of size and colour

I LOVE my AppleCheeks...that is no secret so I will jump on any contest that includes them.
I love the fact that they fit so snug around the thighs...preventing any blow-outs. I also love the arrangement of the snaps...and they have amazing inserts!!! Nothing can beat AppleCheeks bamboo inserts and they are sooooo soft. That is one insert I don't mind using next to my DD's skin.

Now on to my new obsession....Weehuggers!
I actually haven't received my fluff mail yet...they are suppose to be in the mail next Monday! So all I can really comment is what I see on their website and what others have said. They are soooo cute! Who could resist those little mittens??? I can not wait to try them out...and maybe even do a review on here. Please check out their website and their cool new is sooo cute! Also, pass it on to your may just help spread the word about using cloth diapers (and it is quite a catchy tune too).

So if you want to get in on the action just head on over to the Fluff Envy Blog and follow the directions on how to enter.
Oh and don't forget to invite as many friends as possible to "like" them on their facebook page. They are only giving the prizes out if they reach 1,750 fans.
Good luck to everyone...and I am crossing my fingers that I win!!!

Lots of Bunny-Hugs!

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  1. Hi! Following you from Bloggy Moms. I am a fellow cloth diapering mom myself.

    Would love for you to visit when you get the opportunity!

    Mommy Only Has Two Hands!