Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Power of Blogher!

I received an amazing email this morning about a new post by Kim Rosas of Dirty Diaper Laundry. Like many posts I am reading right now (I will admit mostly out of jealously) it was centered around one of the biggest blogging conference, Blogher. I love reading about the parties, speakers, and especially the friends that were made (even if I couldn't be there).

But Kim's post really caught my eye. It truly captivated the qualities/dedication of the women who attended Blogher11.

Kim, a very dedicated breastfeeder, had to leave her baby at home while she attended the conference. She spent several (probably hundreds) of hours preparing for the trip by pumping. Which turned into well over a hundred ounces of breast milk (post here).

Her next problem was there was no off switch to her lactation so she would have to choose: deal with painful engorgement, pump and dump, or pump and store.

As most breast feeding moms can understand, the idea of dumping this amazing liquid is unimaginable. So she went with the store option. But what was even more amazing was she decided to find a mom who needed donated breast milk.

The more Kim blogged/tweeted about her goal of gifting her breast milk (through eats on feets). The more Blogher attendees wanted to participate. It was amazing to see how much support/participation there was building. It was a very moving blog post

At the end of her article she mentions that she might organize a second donation round at blogher12. Maybe I will be able to attend, if so I would seriously consider donating breast milk.

So what do you think about peer-peer breast milk donation?

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