Saturday, January 16, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Well, it has been pretty hard to get some blogging time appears that I have a baby that loves to be held...a lot...but I plan on dealing with that issue at a later post.

I have decided (after reading my friends blog ; the actual post can be found here) to also take the plunge and be the financial wizard in the family. So the start was to find a budget software (cause my husband loves programs with all sorts of gadgets and wizards on them so just an excel spreadsheet would not do...sigh).

So I have decided to give YNAB a is free for 7 days but after that you gotta pay for it. So between consoling a crying baby, and breastfeeding her in front of the computer (really hard to type with one hand) I managed to set up most of the program. The problem is that I am starting to make a budget in the middle of a month were most, if not all, expenses have been paid; so I am setting up for next month. I am finding the biggest issue is when I import our bank accounts it is hard to remember what each transaction was for. So it makes it hard to categorize each part...but I am trying.

I am also using the budget from the show Till debt Do Us Part to help allocate what should be in each portion of the budget. I like it cause it shows what percentage you are using on debt, life, transportation, etc. It can be found here.

Well, I am crossing my fingers that everything balances (I am on maternity leave...but EI is taking their time to figure out what I will be getting a month...not to mention my work was really late in getting my ROE to me, but oh well). I will post in February to let you know how the whole budget thing is going.


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  1. Good luck with YNAB! I'm always happy to hear when there are people giving it a shot. Between the baby and everything else crazy (our fourth is now one month old, so I can understand crazy), let us know if you need a longer trial period.