Thursday, February 4, 2010

Operation Fluffy Bomb - We Want Babies Shakin' Their Cute Fluffy Booty On The Ellen Show

So I have official joined the ranks of cloth diapering moms bombarding (Ellen (through tweets and blogging) about getting cloth diapers on her show. It was started by the blog Dirty Diaper Laundry and it is a noble cause! Now there are many reasons Ellen should feature cloth diapers. It ranges from good for the environment to being wonderful for the baby's skin and saves money. But the reason I love (just cause I am so vain) they look just so darn cute!

I never dread or hate diaper changing fact I kind of look forward to it. I see this a way to interact with my daughter. As she grows older we take more time to tickle, laugh, and sing songs. I also get enjoyment picking out her next diaper. It is not just something to cover her bum; it has become part of her outfit.

But for a more comprehensive and well written reason why to use cloth diapers I turn to the blog the Dirty Diaper Laundry (so I will quote the blog instead of screwing it up):

"I could bore you with facts about the waste produced by disposable diapers, the chemicals they contain (same chemicals outlawed in tampons), the raw resources involved to make the diapers, and even the fishy tactics used by the big disposable companies to keep parents buying them.

Without mass media exposure, something the mom run diaper businesses simply cannot afford, we can’t really let the moms of the world know that there is a better way. Mention cloth diapers to a room with 100 new moms, and maybe 10 would have heard of the Modern Cloth Diaper. The rest would think of pins, rubber pants, and stinky wet pails. The internet is full of niche cloth diaper communities, but we are preaching to the choir! They already know the benefits of cloth. The mom who watches your show every day doesn’t. She might recylce, buy organic food, compost, and drive a hybrid, and still use disposables. Why? Because she has no idea how easy they are. I have actually met people who are very green, and still use disposables for that reason!"

Help us out and follow the plan set by Dirty Diaper Laundry. When you tweet use @TheEllenShow and #clothdiapers and #operationfluffy in the tweet. Also if you want a chance to get a free diaper also include #rumparooz in your tweet. If Ellen features cloth diapers and Rumparooz is on her show, Rumparooz will give everyone who tweeted a free diaper!

So go out there and tweet and blog to hearts content. Spread the word about how wonderful cloth diapers. Cause the more people we reach the better. We can show the world how easy and even fun (yes I said fun) cloth diapering can be.


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