Monday, April 19, 2010

Fluff On The Road

This past weekend Hannah and I traveled to a family birthday party for my husband's cousin's daughter (her mom is also one of my best friends from nursing school). The travel time was about 3 hours one way and we stayed there Fri-Sun.

This reminded me of all the places we have traveled with Hannah's little fluffy bum and not ones put on a disposable (which I am quite proud that I could pull it off...even though I still do travel with a couple of disposables just in case). In our short time using fluff (almost 4 months) we have traveled at least 3 times each month, making the total around 12 trips away from home; it ranged from 3-4 days. That isn't even counting the day trips to the nearest larger centre (which some days can be a challenge as it is about an hour from home). So really Hannah and I are away from home quite a bit and still manage to successfully make cloth diapers work.

I however over pack each and every time...if the diaper is clean and it fits (even if it is not my favorite) it makes it into my daughter's HUGE diaper suitcase. I usually pack her dozen+ prefolds (12 yellow edged, 3 infant, 3 orange edged), dozen kissaluv fitted, several goodmamas (even if they don't quite fit yet...), 3 small Fuzzibunz pocket(I use these as my covers for night time), Fuzzibunz pocket one size (OS), a Happy Heiny pocket OS, a Bumgenius pocket OS, 2 size one AppleCheeks, 2 Rumparooz pocket OS, and other randoms that are in my stash. So it ends up that we go home with more diapers left in our suitcase unused compared to what is in our wet bag. I think it is better to be prepaired and have too many vs. not enough. We usually stick to the prefolds and kissaluvs though I am now venturing into the pockets and other fitted.

I am now going to prepare for a longer vacation with Hannah in a few months time. Hannah and I are going to visit my parents for a week. The actual drive won't be different, it is only 2 hours away. The difference is that before I would have enough diapers to last the 3-4 days without having to wash them. However, a week is a lot of diapers and a long time to make the diapers wait to be washed. So I have to decide, do a take my gallon of detergent (it has a pump on it that dispenses the right amount) or do I take my soap nuts?? I have not used my soap nuts yet and are not sure how well they clean diapers. My mom has offered many times for me to use her washing machine I just never did cause I knew I would be home in a few days. I guess I am going to have to take her up on her offer this time. I will post after my trip to let you know how it went.

If anyone has any tips or experiences about vacationing with cloth diapers I would love to hear them!


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