Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 month check-up

Well today was Hannah's fourth month check-up with her GP (she gets her 4 month immunizations tomorrow).

According to the nurse who took her measurements (I will post tomorrow if the health nurse has different measurements...cause last time there was a pound difference in weight and 4 cm in length) Hannah is:
Weight: 6.07kg (13.4 lbs) = 50th percentile
Length: 65cm (25.6 inches) = 75th percentile
Head circumference: 41cm (16.1 inches) = 50th percentile

She is hitting most if not all her milestones. Also it was nice because she was in a good mood so was a very willing participant in showing off what she can do. Lots of smiles and vocalizations. She made me very proud.

I did however make a slight slip I forgot to take off Hannah's amber teething necklace. Oops. I got a little lecture on how she could choke on the necklace etc etc etc. I however, just listened and didn't say much back because there was no changing her mind. Plus, I was just going to do what I wanted when I left anyway so no point in arguing. I don't let her sleep with it on and I am always around when she is wearing it. I know some would say that I should find a Dr that is more in line with my parenting style but that is really hard when you live in a rural community. You only have a small pool to choose from and it shrinks even more when you narrow it down to the few who are still taking patients. So I have the best of what I had to choose from.

We also attended our 6th tots swim class and Hannah did very well. We have a very small class to begin with but the weather was not very good so it was just us. I guess we just got a private lesson! Hannah enjoyed her front floats, managed some back floats (floats were all done with a little help from mom :D) and went for a few underwater swims. In all everything went smooth and she didn't mind getting her face wet. I look forward to next week which will be our final two classes.

I would also like to send a shout out to everyone who sent me their blog url during the cloth diaper twitter chat. I have a lot of reading to do and I am very excited to learn more from each and everyone of you.


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