Sunday, March 27, 2011

toddler wearing - a journey begins

Well I have finally joined in on the baby/toddler wearing...well I did have a wrap that my mother made for me (which I LOVED but since Hannah has gotten heavier I am finding that a wrap does not work for me...or my back).
I know that baby wearing (or toddler wearing) has many benefits (please visit they have great information plus explain all the benefits of baby wearing) but I have to say my initial reason to start toddler wearing was actually quite selfish.
It all started with a very unsuccessful trips to the grocery store. Hannah usually enjoys the grocery cart but since starting daycare she seems to wanted to spend every waking moment near or more specifically in my arms. So the entire trip consisted of placing baby in the cart, baby screams (making her most pitiful face possible...lip out and everything), mom tries to entertain baby with whatever possible (cause for some reason she forgot all the toys at home), baby is content for about 2 seconds and demands to be picked up, mom gives in because people are now staring (I live in a small rural town and I can guarantee that almost half the people there know my husband or his parents), mom carries baby on hip while trying to pick out groceries (lots of falling fruit and other food some because mom others do to the now longer reach of baby), so she circles back to placing baby in the cart and the baby meltdown cycle continues.
So after this trip to the grocery store it got me to seriously thinking about getting a baby carrier...the other benefits of toddler wearing is just icing on the cake!
So I started to look at and stumbled upon the soft structured carriers (SSC) forum and there I learned about the literally hundreds of SSC out there. For me I narrowed it down to the ones that I could go to a store and try on with my daughter. I thought this would be a safe place to start for my first SSC...maybe I will venture into other online carriers in the future...oooo like the Olives and Applesauce carrier (if you haven't seen these carriers you really need to google them cause they are soooo cute! But hopefully that will be another post kmfx!)
I narrowed it down to the Boba, Beco (butterfly II & gemini) and Freehand. So I found the carriers now it was just getting Hannah to try them out. I will let you know how it goes!!!

Lots of Bunny-Hugs!

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