Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hmmm MIA...again

WOW have I ever been MIA from here!!!
I feel so bad but I guess I do have a few excuses lol...

I started back at work (orientation to the health region was in December and orientation to the site was start of January) I am casual in Home Care and Part-time in a long term care unit. I have to say yes the orientation was quite good but I still feel a little like a fish out of water when it comes to some things. I think it has more to do with my confidence being away for so long. Though some things do return fast when you have stressful situation to deal with...found that the hard way on my second shift at the long term care. At least it was an orientation shift so there were two of us to deal with the "issue".

My little DD is happy and healthy attending her day home daycare. I am not sure if I posted about my daycare has been so long since I have posted. Well if I am repeating myself (which having a quick glance at the recent posts I don't think I mentioned it) please just skip this portion.
Back in September I found a wonderful daycare that was run by a very nice lady (they are funded I think provincially, and are considered to be a daycare not a home centre) the plan was for Hannah to go a few days before I started orientation in December to get to know the place and to be use to the place. The cost was $450.00 a month for going 4 days/week (and still that if I send her less), once she hits 18mos it decreased to $400.00. So I thought that was pretty reasonable. We went over what Hannah likes/dislikes etc. I stressed that it is very important to me that she stays in cloth diapers and that she gets two naps a day. Some people don't want there kids at 12mos to have two naps but I do...cause Hannah can be an absolute bear if she does not get those two naps. The lady running the place said yes she was fine with all that...I wanted to make sure because the closest kids to her age were 6mos older than her and were not on the same schedule. Well, when it came time to start her orientation days the lady actually looking after the Hannah was not to keen on changing the current schedule so that Hannah could have her two naps. The other babies went outside to play at 1030 (Hannah's first nap) and then had their one nap at 1230 (at the time that Hannah would be up) till 14:30 (the time Hannah would go down for her second nap). I could see that this would be an issue. I also came to the realization that at this point in Hannah's development she needed more babies her age and to be in a place that was able to give her the two naps she needed. Therefore, we found our perfect match day home daycare! When Hannah is a bit older I might consider taking her back to the daycare so that she is in an environment that is like preschool rather then a babysitter atmosphere; but at this point this is what Hannah needs.

So that was my daycare got worked out (but there were a few very stressful days).

As for my side job (the cottontail kisses boutique) it has been almost put on hold because of the increase in work load with Hannah and the new job. I hope to start back at it in February, but more than likely it will get pushed till March (when hubby is home with us and we are settled in the new house).

Well, I think it is bedtime...I work an evening tomorrow so should get some rest.

Lots of Bunny-Hugs!

p.s. As a side note I pay at the new home daycare $20 a day and it is not a set amount to bring her. So it can be 5 days or 1 day...which is nice for me seeing as I have shift work.

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